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The Career Guidance Unit has introduced the Online Job Portal System "World of Work" which benefits all the undergraduates and graduates of the University of Colombo which was approved by the 156th Management Committee held on 16.09.21. The objective of this Online Job Portal System is to bridge the gap between employers and Undergraduates. This operates under three main functions.

  1. 1. Companies can directly recruit undergraduates for permanent jobs,part time jobs and internships.

  2. 2. Companies also can use theJob Portalfor their business advertisements.

  3. 3. Undergraduates create a profile with all the necessary information and search/apply to jobs posted on thesite.

How the Online Job Portal System functions?

There are main 03 functions of this OJP.
Administrator – Career Guidance Unit/UOC
Jobseeker – Undergraduates (UOC)
Employers (registered company only)

Why Career Guidance Unit initiated the Online Job Portal?

1. Instead of the one day Career Fair for the whole year a DailyBasis Online Job Portal is convenient and beneficial to both undergraduates and employers. (internship opportunity requirements arise in various time periods according to the Academic Calender of the faculties.
2. Undergraduates will be able to search and apply for selected jobs.
3. Maintain the job seekers and Employer record.
4. Provide the customized job openings.
5. Maintain the Cvs of Undergraduates.
6. Maintain the Job Posting details and generates reports and advertisements.